Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Month of Thanks, Day 27

Advent. I remember the excitement as a child. Taking out the little wreath Mom had made. Taking turns reading the Bible and the devotional. Every Sunday, sharing the experience with our church family. The lovely calendar Mom made out of felt and sequins. Trying to decide who should start-because that determined who would finish!

I also remember the anticipation. Anticipating the celebration of Jesus' birth. Reading the story together on Christmas Eve. Going to church with our friends. Singing Silent Night by candle light (still my favorite carol).

This year I am anticipating my parents' arrival in two days and celebrating with them here in Japan (Thank you, Shonda, for sharing!:) I am on excitement overload right now. Tomorrow night will be like Christmas Eve as a kid, waiting, waiting, waiting!

Enjoy the anticipation of advent this year!

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