Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Word and A Song

 I love when we get to host ladies' lunches at our church.  Trying to break into conversations to start the testimony part of the program is always a challenge.  Even having the big blonde girl standing up front does not always get everyone's attention!

Today our friend, Kyoko, shared her testimony.  It was neat to hear how God put pieces of the puzzle together for her as she traveled through the ups and downs of life, leading her, ultimately, to Himself. So amazing how He does that!  She also sang a song for us, "You Raise Me Up."  She sang the first verse in English and then sang in Japanese.  I had never heard it in Japanese before and was really moved by the lyrics.

This afternoon was a blessed time of fellowship.  I loved hearing the chatter, watching the shared tears fall, and witnessing encouragement between friends.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

One of those Days

This isn't from today, but it is my most
recent SB picture.
Today was one of those days... where I just felt the need to go to Starbucks.  Now, since I do not drink coffee, it was not for the caffeine!  And, since I have a lot of prep for various classes and such this week, it was not because I had time to kill.  I just felt I needed to go.

So, I went.

Melissa was there for a few minutes, too, so we had a nice chat.  Then, after she left, I pulled out my stuff and started studying.  After a while I realized that the lady next to me,with a comfortable personal-space-table in between, was studying English.

Well, if someone is studying English and a native English speaker is sitting a table away, shouldn't a conversation ensue?!  Since she is Japanese, I thought she might be a little shy about striking up a conversation and did the starting myself.

And, she was receptive to conversing!

We had a nice conversation in English and Japanese.  She decided that although she is Buddhist, it would be okay to come to our church for English class.  Since she likes baking and has a daughter the same age as my baking student, I suggested she join us.  She put it on her calendar!

We exchanged names and email addresses.

I guess that is why I felt the need to go to Starbucks today...

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Odd Feeling

Today I am going to be speaking to the youth of our Japanese denomination.  Over the years I have been in Japan I have had several opportunities to hang out with these wonderful young people.  Of course, it has been a while, and now there is a whole new group of young people.

I like to be very prepared for such events.  I have been preparing for this event.  However, I have this odd feeling that I have not prepared enough or in the right way or missed something.  I can't quite put my finger on it.

So, I pray.  I ask my friends and family to pray.

And I walk forward today in God's confidence, knowing He is with me, He has called me, He is faithful.

It is all I can do.