Friday, June 28, 2013

Along the Way, Part 2

As I traveled back to South Dakota, I drove on the Laura Ingalls Historic Highway.  I stopped for the dugout display and at the museum in Walnut Grove, Minnesota.  ミネソタ州からサウスダコタ州に帰った時、大草原の小さな家のローラについて勉強しました。高速道路の名前はローラインガルス記念道路。ローラの博物館にも尋ねました。

First, life in the dugout...

Discovering Laura's life at the museum in Walnut Grove...

God's Word was important to Laura.

The kitchen sink


Laura's desk

I am thankful for modern washing machines!

School time

Covered Wagon

Communication System!

Printing Press

I suppose every age says this when looking back at times past, but, I am glad to be living in this era.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More Minnesota Fun

While in Minnesota, I got to visit lots of friends, see some sights and have some excellent food!

I went to the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory with my friend, Diane Tsuchiya.




Cindy and I had a delicious salad dinner!

I also got to see another of my college roommates, Tracy.  We had a lovely lunch and time catching up.

Cindy, Linda and I also celebrated Cindy's birthday!

Coco enjoyed the celebrations, too!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Along the Way

After returning from Florida, I went back to Minnesota.  As I drove, I kept my camera handy and took pictures of things I don't really see in Japan.

Guest Posting

As I have been traveling the past few weeks, I have not been blogging-on this blog.  I have been invited to write for a friend's blog.  She is blogging through the Bible as her husband preaches through the Bible.  She found that it was a lot for her to do every day so asked some friends to join her on the journey.

So, Thursdays you can find me blogging at: Blogging Through the Bible

The adventures of Flat Coco continue!  I will update soon!