Thursday, August 20, 2009


Life has been wonderful and relaxing and crazy the past few weeks. It has been a nice change of pace visiting family and friends with some unexpected and fun times with long-time friends. Here are a few pictures to chronicle my path since July 29th when I last posted from my sister's in Aurora, SD.

Driving through Illinois to visit Donna and family. This was at a rest area. It was a very restful stop!

Dinner out with Donna and family.

Sunset in Kansas

The Texas panhandle... the only things taller than the grass were the wind turbines, which were plentiful.

New Mexico scenery

Arizona scenery

Then the family reunion/wedding fun started...
Some of the relatives at the rehearsal dinner.

Uncle Daniel telling a very important story to the men.

Reed/Mobley Crew at the wedding

Inadvertently matching necklace cousins

Most of the Benton girls

Most of the Benton men

All the Benton cousins

And then I arrived in Colorado. Here is a nice storm building up as we drove along on Monday.