Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Special Day

July 1, 1967
Today, July 1, is a special day in our family.  It is the day my parents said, "I do."  The day they promised to spend the rest of their lives together.  The day our little family took flight.

Forty-seven years.  My parents have had forty-seven years together as a married couple.  They have had many joys, some sorrows, lots of fun, a bunch of challenges.

Through it all, they have always worked it out.  Their commitment to God has helped them through the good times and the hard times.

Even without words, just by watching them, I learned commitment to God is the most important thing in life.  When that is a person's number one priority, the difficulties and the joys can be handled with grace, more grace than a person could muster up on their own.

December 2013
Last year I had the privilege of living with my parents for nine months.  It can be a challenge for parents to allow their very independent daughter to live with them for such a long time, I think!  However, grace abounded.

I loved watching Mom and Dad interact.  They have a way of communicating that most people cannot follow.  Fortunately, my dad usually knows how to finish my mom's sentences because she rarely finishes one!  Thankfully, my mom has a good sense of humor because my dad loves to make dumb jokes.

When two people have been together for so long, they have a life dance with music the rest of us cannot hear.  Even though my dad has absolutely no rhythm, he and my mom dance beautifully.

Their love for each other is absolutely evident and adorable.  Their love for God is strong and pours out of every pore of their being.

I am so thankful for my parents.
Thank you, God!