Sunday, December 23, 2007

Kongo Church Christmas Party

Today was the Kongo Bible Church Christmas Party. We rented a room at a building near the station called Cheer Hall so we called our party "Cheerful Christmas."
The afternoon was filled with fun and games and singing. Plus a kids' story and explanation of the true meaning of Christmas. Our Gospel choir sang, too. I don't have any pictures of that since I was singing and my camera was sitting on the front row by itself:) Hopefully, Paul got some good pictures and will be able to send me some soon.
After the party the Gospel choir had our year end party. We went to a restaurant between the church and Cheer Hall for more fun and food. I had a good time chatting with the people at my table and getting to know them better.
Even though it was a very long day, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Now I need to get some sleep and get ready for tomorrow's party at the Ewings.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Baking

Monday was our Christmas cookie baking class. We had a great time rolling, cutting and decorating cookies. Thanks, Aunt Karen for the recipe and food coloring! Thanks, Aunt Tricia for the sprinkles!
My digital camera was being cantankerous so I had to use my cell phone camera. I forgot until the last couple of pictures that I needed to turn it sideways. So, you'll have to turn your head sideways to see most of the pictures.:) Sorry!

Morning class rolling...

and cutting...

and decorating!

Afternoon rollers!

and decorating.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Art Show

Saturday the 24th of November, I went to Kobe to an art show. My friend's husband is a painter and he had a painting in the show. They came down from Karuizawa for the opening of the show. It was a beautiful fall day to travel by train and enjoy the fall leaves.

First thing in the morning was the opening of the show, complete with ribbon cutting ceremony and speeches!

Here is Akitomo being greeted by the newspaper photographer. Akitomo is on the right and his painting is in the middle of the picture.

And, here is his painting. It is titled "Wall" It may be hard to see from the picture, but all around the people the walls are covered with newspapers. I am partial, but it was my favorite painting in the show! Many of the paintings used browns and greys and tans and black. It was nice to see some color!
If you go to this website and click on the painting it will enlarge it and you can see it better.
(I can't seem to figure out how to paste the link so you can click on it so you'll have to just cut and paste. Sorry!:)