Monday, November 14, 2011

A month of Thanks, Day 14

Today's topic: new friends!

I had other plans for today's post, but my sudden meeting of three teachers from a school for the disabled changed things. Today I went to USJ (Universal Studios Japan) by myself. I really wanted to see the Christmas show and ride the roller coaster. When I got there, I first got ice cream-a girl has to have priorities! Then I was planning to get in line for the roller coaster. However, the wait was 105 minutes, perhaps enough time to ride and get a good spot for the show, but maybe not. So, I went to Space Fantasy first, an indoor roller coaster meets controlled tilt-a-whirl that is also pretty fun. The line for that was only about 45 minutes.

Then I went to stake out my place for the show, which didn't turn out to be as great of a place as I had first thought it would be.

I enjoyed the show but it took forever to get back to the roller coaster line. I finally made it and got in the single riders' line. I got to ride with a girl of about 11 who said it was her third time today, and two people who I thought were a couple at first. We had a great ride-I LOVE roller coasters! (This one is way too short, but it is the best one close to me.)

As we exited the two I thought were a couple started chatting with me and I found out they are teachers at a school for the disabled in Nara and the guy teaches English. They were so excited to talk with me. We found their other friend who doesn't like roller coasters-which is why I got to ride with them-and decided to watch the starlight parade together while eating hamburgers from the diner.

I went to USJ by myself-first time I have ever gone to an amusement park by myself-and left with three new friends and plans to get together for a potluck party in January and maybe some hiking before that! What a fun day!

If it weren't so late, I would go on about other new friends I have made recently...

like Makiko

or these wonderful ladies I met in Peru

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Carrie said...

Hurrah for doing something new, by yourself and walking away with new friends! That is awesome!