Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Month of Love, Day 4

Today I finally got to attend the women's gospel group in Osaka. About a year ago a group of ladies started to meet to sing gospel, share God's word, and pray together-followed by a meal together, of course. I had heard about it from one of the leaders and two of my friends from AGC. I have been wanting to attend and was finally free on a Saturday when they meet.

(The picture above is from one of our AGC Christmas concerts!)

What a great time of singing and fellowshipping! We worked on two songs in Japanese, which tested my language ability. They were both musically challenging as well. After the official meeting time we went to lunch together at a nearby Chinese restaurant. One of the gals who attends is from Taiwan originally and was able to chat with the gal working in the restaurant-in Chinese. The gal from the restaurant said that this group is different from others that come in and we explained why.

I really enjoyed the time together, the singing, the time of prayer and the fellowship and honest sharing. I was super excited because the leader today was Mukahi Kaori, a Christian singer here in Japan who I have admired for quite some time. It was wonderful to meet her and learn from her!

When I got back to my station, my friend, Miyoko, was waiting for me because I had picked up some things for her at Costco earlier this week. She and I had a nice time chatting and encouraging one another as fellow women in ministry in this area.

I am so grateful for the way God showed His love to me today through the fellowship I was allowed to enjoy!

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Lori said...

Now that sounds like an adventure...learning to sing challenging songs in a foreign language. :)
Keep up the God work.