Monday, February 13, 2012

A Month of Love, Day 12

I am enjoying the love hunt this month. All throughout the day I see God's love and come up with blog post ideas. Then, I sit down in front of the computer and most of the ideas have fled to the dark corners of my mind where I can't quite reach them. So, I stare at the computer for a while. Sometimes they come back, or a new idea comes.

Thursday evening I made brownie bites to take to choir on Friday. As I was baking I was listening to the CD my sister sent me. It was wrapped in Christmas paper, but I know it was really an early Valentine's day present! As I baked and listened, I thought I should subtitle this post "Giving Love, Receiving Love."

Last summer we had some friends who are in member care come visit Japan and talk with us. We had one session where we single missionary gals met with Judy and talked about our love languages. Giving/receiving gifts is one of those love languages. Although it isn't my main gift, I do like a present now and then ;) I am pretty sure my sister has the gift of giving gifts. She always knows just what to give! One of my favorite skirts of all time (which I have since retired), my sister gave to me. It was an at least once a week part of my wardrobe when I was teaching elementary school, when I was a short term missionary, and, I think, even in seminary. It was colorful and went with so many of my other clothes, both winter and summer. I think the slit in the back was getting a little longer than it should have been and, after years of washing, it was fading badly. But, I loved that skirt! I would probably still wear it if it was in my closet now!

I think my main love language is spending time with someone. When people take the time to spend time with me, I feel loved and valued. I have learned, being so far from many of my friends, that this can be fulfilled by even a short email, or better yet, snail mail. I know this sounds a bit like words of encouragement. However, in this correspondence or time spent together, I do not have to hear anything about myself. I just want to hear regular, everyday things that are going on. (There is something about opening the mailbox and seeing an envelope with a stamp and familiar handwriting that makes me feel closer to someone even though they are thousands of miles away. Anyone else?!)

So, as I enjoyed my sister's gifts, I had fun baking for my friends. Even late at night, there is something invigorating about baking, although I do prefer to bake earlier in the evening! I agree with Julie from Julie and Julia, there is something comforting about adding eggs and sugar to flour and cocoa, etc, knowing that in a short time you will have something delicious coming out of the oven. And, I especially like knowing that it is being made for someone who is going to enjoy it as much as I do!

Well, this has gotten wordy! So, I will close with a, "thank you, Shonda!"

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Carrie said...

I have thought about writing to you (I love having pen pals & they are a dying breed) -- please let me know your address :)