Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Month of Love, Day 21

Yesterday we had our quarterly area prayer meeting. Pastors and missionaries from the Kyoto/Nara/Osaka area gather for prayer and fellowship. We had a special addition yesterday as the Stollers, Carol, and Amber joined us, too.

After the morning of prayer we usually go out for lunch. This time Mrs. Yuzawa had made reservations at an Italian restaurant. After we were all seated she said that she wanted our help to 'toss' her husband. (You know, like they do to coaches when they win the Japan Series!) Next week is his birthday. In Japan the 70th birthday is a big deal. But, last year for Yuzawa Sensei's 70th birthday the celebration didn't work out, so we got to do it this year!

We didn't actually toss Yuzawa Sensei! But we did sing happy birthday, twice.

After the meal, Carol, Amber and I joined Mr. and Mrs. Yuzawa for a stroll through the park across the street from the restaurant. I have been to the park before-in May when the red azaleas were in full bloom. Because the winter has been cold, the plum blossoms have not quite opened up yet. So, we walked around the garden using our imaginations, but also enjoying the other beauties of nature.

All throughout the day I caught glimpses of Mr. and Mrs. Yuzawa's love for each other. It was fun to see!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Love to the Yuzawa's and to the wonderful daughter that knows how to share love with those all around her. Thank you for the post each time you post. Need that calendar so will be able to talk when you are not sleeping. Corey Hitch preached on Sunday and reminded us out of Col. of how much God loves us. (He told us children make parents sick. He had a terrible cold.)