Friday, February 24, 2012

A Month of Love, Day 24

Today has been a lovely day! First, it didn't rain! I feel like rainy season has started way too early this year.

Second, I had a great English Bible study time today. My friend shared about how God is answering her prayers. She is learning that He doesn't always answer right away. Sometimes we have to ask several times. Sometimes we have to ask many times. And, His answers usually come in unexpected ways. She was beaming as she shared how God arranged her day yesterday and because of that new schedule, a prayer was answered for her relationship with a coworker.

God loves to surprise us! It is such a blessing to get to experience God's blessings through His blessings to others. (Was that too confusing of a sentence?!)

Third, today was AGC. I love getting to sing with these ladies! Today two new ladies joined our circle. Also, today was my day to lead the warm up. I showed them how I learn Japanese songs by adding actions. They kindly followed along and learned a bit more about my way of thinking through the actions I attached to the words!

Oh, and fourth, my neighbor stopped by and brought me some 'butaman' - steamed rolls with pork inside- just because she remembered that I like them! I was glad I had made cookies a couple of nights ago so had something to share with her, too!


coco-forest said...

Reading your blog will be very good study for me.
You wrote 「confused sentence?!」(笑)・・・
But, that sentence was the most impressive for me.
I was very sympathetic !
By the way,「Rokubousei」is 「六芒星」!!
「芒」means 「the tip of the rice」「brunt of the sword」etc.
And,「芒」as「brunt of the sword」=「鋩」

BY c o c o

Carrie said...

Gorgeous photo and wrap up of your day -- learning to remember that it's God rearranging our day is a challenge, but I love it when I can see it that way!