Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Banana Bread

Taken by one of my students after she got home.

Yesterday was our English and baking class. More English was spoken yesterday in the morning class than ever before! (That is one of the points of the English and Baking class!:) One of the new attenders is an English teacher so she took the opportunity to practice her English which influenced the others. Since banana bread has to bake for an hour we had a chance to chat after washing up the dishes-I cannot say how much I love that they help with the dishes! We had some really good conversations, in both English and Japanese.

The morning group.

By the way, does anyone know how to get silicone pans clean? I think they are clean and then take them out a month or so later to use and they are greasy like I never washed them. What's up with that?

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Anonymous said...

Did you grease or oil the silicone pans?? I don't think that your are supposed to. I am no expert, but I have never greased mine....maybe vinegar and dawn would clean them up.
Speaking of banana bread, your parents had some of mine here today, and I had just baked 5 little loaves of banana bread and make coffee. We did 'make overs' on both of them, and then after your dads apt., we went to dinner, and had a nice evening.
Take care and God continue to Bless you. DW