Saturday, March 8, 2008

Gospel workshop

Here is a picture of our Gospel choir taken last month. Good luck finding me, I am not really noticeable! Ha!

Last Saturday I attended a Gospel workshop led by an American lady who now lives in France. Our choir director helped her out. I found out how much English he can really speak-a lot! The workshop was in a city north of Osaka so I guess the others from our choir felt it was too far away because I was the only person from our choir who attended. But, there were several other choirs represented well-about 50 attendees in all.

One of the benefits of not knowing anyone when you go to something like this is meeting new people! (If I had gone with people I knew I would probably have just talked with them!) Anyway, there was a cute little couple-I can say little because they were both only about 5'4" or so-who were the only ones from their choir, too. While chatting at lunch I found out they are getting ready to move in the next month or so. They had a huge pile of faxes from a realtor who they were going to see the next day. It turns out they are moving to Tsu! Well, that immediately gave us a topic of conversation. I had a good time telling them about how great Tsu is and all about Joy Chapel. They are not Christians but thought the idea of a bilingual service was great. Since they sing in Gospel choir they do have a little interest in English and Christianity.

And, to think I had considered not going because it was cold and rainy and I didn't know anyone!
I also enjoyed chatting with Manda, the workshop leader, in English!


Melissa said...

Awesome, Shan. I will pray for an open door!

euichi said...

hi Shan, I'm also remembering those days in Tsu when I was a student. Good memories... Since then, well, I'm sorry I'd never seen you, Laura, Yudi and Langefelds... How do you know they are now?