Friday, March 28, 2008

Gospel Party

Our group on stand=by!

March 20 we had a Gospel party. Our director invited all of his choirs to come and sing for each other and then in the evening several directors and professional musicians put on a concert for us. His pastor also came and shared a message about Easter. It was an awesome day!

Today was our first rehearsal since the party. Each person who was there stood up and shared a little about their impressions of the day. I got to share how the Intercessor (see NAB website for more info) had the whole conference praying for Yamamoto sensei the day before the concert!

One lady shared that because of the pastor's message she understood for the first time what Easter was all about. And, another lady shared that because of the whole day, all of the songs, testimonies, and pastor's words, she decided the Bible must be pretty interesting and she went home and read the Bible! I don't know what she read, but she read some of God's Word!

How cool is that!:)

This is my friend who helped me find the eye doctor. She and I led the song "I'll Be Satisfied"

Just off the train and headed our separate directions. Can you tell it's been a long day?!


Anonymous said...

What an fantastic day and results. Mom and I were praying for that day!! Now you have an opening to talk more to them about Jesus. It is great to hear men step up and talk about the God of all.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful smiles! "I'll be satisfied as l-o-n-g as I follow Jesus and so will He. Why don't we do that? It sure would make life happier! You ladies look like you have so much fun. Are you going to cook-bake sometime again? That always makes the tummy satisfied. love, mom