Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Experiences in one day

No pictures to go with this post, besides, it is 11:30PM so I really should be going to bed so I have post quickly.

New experiences:
1. Walking down the sidewalk on my way to the eye doctor (see #2) I saw a man of about 70 looking at a beautifully blooming tree-I think some kind of sakura-with a professional looking camera. I had just been looking at the same tree so I said to him, "Beautiful, isn't it?" He replied that yes it was and would I like my picture taken with the tree as the background. Sure, why not! Usually it is junior high girls asking for my picture!

2. I went to the eye doctor today, at the hospital. I need to renew my SD driver's license and to do that by mail I need a report from an eye doctor. So, a friend from Gospel choir found a doctor who speaks English-she actually used to work for the doctor-and went with me. I found out today that people with white skin have a white retina-I think that is the right part of the eye, they were speaking Japanese at this point and I had to remember the word to look up later. Apparently, Japanese people's retina is orangish-brown. So, my doctor called in a new, younger doctor to see my retinas. Everyone in the office was very intrigued.

3. After the eye doctor my friend and I went for tea. She told me about her recent trip to Bali where she volunteered at an orphanage. They eat not only dog there, but also mice!

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Anonymous said...

I left a comment but forgot to post!
I was wondering how much sodium a mouse or dog has. I think I'll stick with recorded sodium labels. Does a person with white or brown in the retina see better because of blocked uv rays?
how about just being able to "see" the amazing love God has for us in his gift of His Son?
Sometimes we all have blurred vision when it comes to really seeing what God has for us!