Monday, February 25, 2008

A trip to Tokyo

Last Monday and Tuesday I was in Tokyo for the JEMA annual meeting. (Japan Evangelical Missionary Association) Monday was a seminar about "Hikikomori" a phenomenon in Japan of people who refuse to leave their houses. The psychologist who spoke talked about people who are hidden hikikomori. They seem to be functioning in society, go to work, get married, have families, but they do not know how to show emotions or talk about things on a deep level. It was very interesting and all of the missionaries in the room were saying "Naruhodo" or "Ah, I get it." We have all interacted with people like this or who have this syndrome. After his lecture we had a chance to talk in small groups, which I found very helpful. Tuesday was the business meeting.

While I was there I got to see two of my friends who live in Tokyo, Yumi, who used to live in South Dakota, and Meg, who is from Karuizawa. I had a good time with each of them, catching up on life, dreaming about the future, and, of course, enjoying good food! Before going to Tokyo I borrowed a magazine from the Nakas at Small Talk about hamburger places in Japan, most of the once highlighted in the magazine are in Tokyo. Yumi and I met and went to a restaurant, ordered our food, talked, were told it was time for the last order so asked for our bill. When I looked at the bill I realized that the restaurant was one featured in the magazine! But, I had eaten a chicken avocado sandwich rather than a hamburger!:)

Yumi at the West Park Cafe

With Meg having our morning coffee/tea

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Rev. Tammy said...

Double rats... what a rough deal... the chance to enjoy the burger slipped right through your hands. Next time!

I'm fascinated by the training you mentioned... I think this is a far reaching sort of issue for lots of people today.