Saturday, February 16, 2008

Baking and Middle Schoolers

This morning 4 middle schoolers and their English teacher came to my apartment to make chocolate chip cookies. Their teacher is a member of the Gospel choir with me. They were a bit quiet at first having to use English. But as time went on the began talking a little. And, of course, once we started eating and speaking Japanese a little, then they warmed up! The last batch we put into the oven they figured out how close to put them together in order to make snowman shaped cookies, which was appropriate since it was snowing at the time!:)
Here they are scooping out the dough onto the cookie sheets and then one of us all together...

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Brandize said...

Thanks for sharing the fun!
Glad you got snow there. I don't know much about Japan so didn't know what the weather is like.