Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I was just on the Compassion International website because it is my Haitian girl's birthday next month. Her name is Shaaida. I picked her because she had a neat sounding name. I picked Haiti because Terry Logan, from my home church, has done several mission trips to Haiti and I wanted to be of some support for the work God is doing there.

Being a sponsor of a child who lives in poverty is an amazing thing. It makes me think about what I buy and how I spend my money. When I send her a small birthday gift and she writes a thank you note telling me all of the things she bought, it is incredible.

I love getting letters from her and my other girl, Magally, in Peru. They share with me about what they are learning in school and at the center which provides support and Christian teaching. We exchange pictures and I send stickers. Hello Kitty seems to be a universal interest for little girls!

If you have never sponsored a child, I encourage you to check it out. If you are a sponsor, you know the joy I am talking about. There is so much poverty in the world. I wish I could sponsor more children. When I go to the website I want to click that "Sponsor a Child" button more. Children are unfortunate victims in poverty. I really don't even know how to express the deep sadness I have because of the poverty I read about. I used to try to avoid going to the website or reading about the poverty all around. I still don't seek to run across such items, but when I do it is a reminder for me to pray, as well as a reminder that there are two little girls who are getting a better chance at life and to know our wonderful Savior.
Check it out:

The door is open. The children are waiting.

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Anonymous said...

Your compassion because of Christ stays with me all day. We are all in poverty without Christ. Basic needs help us be able to see the servant love of our Savior. A favorite verse A generous person will be enriched and one who gives water will get water. Prov 11:25 Do you think that too included the Living Water?