Monday, November 5, 2012

Giving Thanks 5

Yes, I know I missed a few numbers, but today is the fifth day of November.  I am staying with the number of the day otherwise I will not remember what number I am on!

Today I am thankful for birthdays.  It is not my birthday, or actually anyone's that I know.  But, about this time last year I was celebrating a friend's birthday with Yuri.

A great thing about birthdays is cake!

The best thing about birthdays, though, is the gift of life.  Just thinking about how we all started out, it is pretty amazing that we were even formed and born!  This past week my cousin and his wife had a baby boy.  He is absolutely precious, and his older brother and sister seem quite pleased with the arrival.  Because of circumstances in my cousin's life, his children are extra miraculous.  Life is amazing!

Of course, from what I understand from the Bible, this life has nothing on the next life for those who believe in Jesus!  I am thankful that I have a birthday, both a physical and spiritual birthday.

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