Thursday, November 8, 2012

Give Thanks 8

I have been baking this evening and it has reminded me how grateful I am for baking!  I am grateful to my mom for teaching me how to bake and to my grandma for teaching my mom how to bake.  I enjoy getting lost in a new recipe or an old stand-by and creating something delicious.  (There have been times when it wasn't delicious, but that doesn't happen super often!)  I enjoy getting to share what I've made with people-who usually say that they like what I've made...
Here are a few pictures of baking over the past year-well, mostly last year during the Christmas season when my mom was here to bake with me.

I have more pictures than this, but I have to go to bed soon so I stopped hunting! :)


Lori Poppinga said...

Yum! The strawberry cheesecake cupcakes at the top looked delicious! :) How fun to make those precious memories.
Keep up the God work.

Carrie said...

Yum and fun to do things like this with your mom!