Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Give Thanks 6

I am thankful for four seasons.  Although summer is my favorite season, I love the other seasons as well- as long as I don't have to be outside too long during the winter!  I enjoy the crisp evenings, wearing sweaters but not needing a heavy jacket, and the beautiful leaves of fall.  I love the silence of a freshly fallen snow, sitting under my kotatsu, and drinking hot cocoa during the winter.  The way everything comes back to life and color pops out every where and the fresh smell of spring are wonderful.  Hot, sunny days and hot, starlit nights finally warm me up during the summer.  Here are a few pictures of the seasons from the past year:

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Carrie said...

LOVE these photos!
Those penguins look a little out of place hanging out with you in your summer attire :)