Monday, November 12, 2012

Give Thanks 12

I am thankful for the still small voice that encourages me to go places and talk to people.  The introvert in me would prefer not to always be out meeting with and talking to people.  However, even when I think I am going somewhere alone or to be alone, God puts people in my path and it is pretty obvious that He has planned for me to meet them!

In the past year I have taken pictures of two such encounters...

About one year ago I went to USJ because I wanted to see the Christmas show and ride the roller coaster.  Everyone was busy so I went alone.  When I rode the roller coaster I met these three.  Well, two of the three.  The gal in the hat didn't want to ride so I met her after we got off the ride.  Throughout the year we have gotten together again several times!

In August when I went to the beach, this lovely family was staying at the same hotel.  It was their second time to stay there.  They very kindly asked me to join them at the end of dinner, and their daughters even liked me!

I am thankful for these new friends and the variety they bring to my life!

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