Monday, November 19, 2012

Give Thanks 19

I am thankful for music, especially as a way to praise and worship God.  I know I talked about AGC before, however, I am returning to the music theme.  It is such a powerful way to draw people closer to Jesus.  I have so many pictures of different music events I have attended/ participated in over the past year.  (I will try not to post too many!)  (Oops, I posted a lot!)

I, personally, am not such a musical person.  I like to sing and play my clarinet.  My rhythm is not always on.  But, I love to listen and participate in music!  I am thankful for all of the places God has allowed me to participate in worshipping Him through music.

Piano Seminar Concert Fall 2011

Men of Excellence at Spiritual Night

Mom and Yuri lead music at Komyo Church

Amber and Yuri lead music at Komyo Church

Q and McKee + Aichan at Live Gospel Cafe

Choir practicing at Sendai Franklin Graham Festival

Harmonica music at Miyoko's church

Band at Seikai

Yamauchi Mama sings with Kaori san at Ladies' Lunch

VOV at Live Gospel Cafe

Singing down by the riverside!  Hitomi's baptism

Coco shares at Ladies Lunch and Talk at Komyo Church

AGC with Elisabeth and Flat Stanley

AGC concert Fall 2012

Singing at Living Church


Lori Poppinga said...

Love this! and it made me think of a question that will most likely reveal my utter ignorance in foreign missions, but do other cultures have their own praise songs/hymns or do they translate american songs into other languages? Really enjoyed seeing flat stanley! I think we will have to send a flat stanley of our own on a journey with JP...we should have thought of that when he was at BAsic Training as he's been in 3 states since May for training and is now back in Georgia.
Keep up the God work.

Shan in Japan said...

Lori, yes! There are many songs translated from other languages into Japanese as well as songs written in Japanese. Recently, I was so excited to buy a CD of praise songs originally written in Japanese and now translated into English!
Definitely send Flat Stanley with JP! :)