Saturday, October 13, 2007

More Missionary Fun Day Pictures

Here are a few more pictures from our Osaka sight-seeing day...

Our boat and its captain

Lunch by a fountain in the park that was quite loud we realized when it stopped to change configurations! We were right in front of the concert hall where it appeared they were setting up for a concert to take place that night.

As we walked through the park to go to the history museum we saw an unusual phenomenon, cherry trees blooming in the fall! Because the summer was so hot for so long apparently some of plants are confused as to what season it is.

Here is our whole group after touring the castle and on our way to the subway to go to dinner.

And here we all are enjoying our Hawaiian burgers and sandwiches. I had a turkey avocado sandwich-it was great! I don't think this is traditional Hawaiian food, but they do have shops in Hawaii, too!

Finally, the walking is over and we are sitting on the train!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, all of you that gather together, serve, trust, create and have fun. bless you