Saturday, October 6, 2007

Missionary Fun Day

In the past few years we have instituted a missionary fun day for our missionary family. It is a day to just have fun, no business permitted. I have enjoyed these days-even the day it rained when we planned to go hiking so we just hung out together and played games and the men went to a driving range.
Monday the 1st was our fun day for this year. Since I am part of the hospitality committee this year and we decided to have fun day in Osaka, I was in charge of the plans. I have had a few missionary friends visit since I moved here so I have found a few fun places to sight-see. Which is good, I had some idea of something to do instead of just randomly picking things from the guidebooks. Also, my Japanese teacher gave me a nice bilingual pamphlet about places to see in Osaka. Very helpful!
So, here is a little run down of the day:
First, a boat ride on the Seine. No, just kidding, a boat ride on some of the rivers of Osaka. The 12 foreigners on the boat were an added sight for those who rode with us!

Next we had lunch in Osaka Castle Park. I don't have a picture of this, I was too busy eating! Others took pictures and have promised to pass them on when they get downloaded.
Then we walked to the other side of the park to go to the Osaka Museum of History. On the map it didn't look like it was that far, but it ended up being quite a walk!
At the museum there was a section for kids to explore. Even we adults had fun there!

After the museum we sat down for a coffee break at Seattle's Best in the entry of the NHK building connected to the museum. After a little rest we headed back out into the park and to the castle.

With all of that walking we worked up an appetite so took the subway to Namba for dinner at a Hawaiian restaurant. Then it was time for the train ride back to Ewings house.

Ron was telling train stories!
Back at Ewings we had a little birthday celebration for Bill and then the Tsu/Chita crew all headed back to Tsu.
Overall, a fun day was had by all! We were happy the boys didn't have school so they could join us.
What will we do next year???

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