Thursday, October 4, 2007

I Miss Running

In August I strained a muscle on the bottom of my foot. I am not exactly sure how. After talking to my sister and Paul Ewing I realized that it would be a while before I could run again. I did not realize it would be this long! Anytime I go past the park in which I usually run I feel sad.
I thought it was getting better and I would get to start running again soon. But, after walking all over Osaka on Monday my foot was quite sore again.
So, I am bummed. I want to get back to running!

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Anonymous said...

Are your shoes supporting you? They should miss you but remember you want to run/walk all of your life so try to be patient. Do they have foot doctors that know how big and little feet work? Stick with the mini food plans or just worry it off like I do. Really, I'm sorry about your lonesome shoes as I usually become encouraged thinking of you on the tread mill at the community center and then am able to crawl on to the step for some questionable exercise time. Hope you and your shoes meet again for happy times!