Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ikeda Church

Last Sunday I went to the church in Ikeda, in northern Osaka, to preach for pulpit exchange Sunday. Since they don't have a pastor they usually don't get someone to come for pulpit exchange, but since Paul and I are working at the same church there was an extra person this year.
This is a little group of believers who faithfully meet each week to study God's word together. About once a quarter, maybe every other month, one of the pastors from Kyoto goes to fellowship with them.

So, here I am sharing with them. They use a newly published Bible which is a little different from the one I have so I had to read carefully using their Bible which I hadn't practiced from!

We did a bit of flipping around so here we are looking for verses. The post-its I had prepared in my Bible were of no use to me using a different Bible!:)

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