Saturday, August 18, 2007

Youth Camp

This picture was taken at the annual JBC summer youth camp which hasn't been held for a few years. It was really quite fun! I was the girls' counsellor and devotional leader. Only two of the eight campers were girls. This was a first for me, to be at a Christian event in Japan and have the boys outnumber the girls.
In Japan, in our churches anyway, youth means anything from middle school up to young single adult. So, we had one middle school student, two university students, a graduate student, and four graduated-working young adults.
We spent two and a half days singing praises, studying God's Word, playing Bible trivia, hanging out, going to the beach, and just generally enjoying each others' company.
The second picture is the whole group. The camp was held in Chita where the Stollers are working so they also helped out by shuttling us around and making food for us. Mrs. Higashi also helped with making food. Pastor Matsuura, right in the middle, was our speaker and Paul Ewing was the boys' counsellor.

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