Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Yesterday I finished my sermon for Sunday. I kind of hit a wall on Monday night so stopped, made dinner, watched a movie and went to bed. As I ran on Tuesday morning I had a conversation with God about whether I was done or He had more for me to say. By the time I got ready to sit down to write again, He had given me some more to say. It is pretty amazing to experience such help!
The movie I watched was "Dreamer" and I loved it! A feel-good story of a little girl and a horse. I have never really been around horses, I tend to be scared of animals bigger than a retriever-sized dog. But, they seem like amazing animals. Dakota Fanning, the little girl in the movie, is a great actress. In the extras on the DVD all of the other actors talk about how wonderful she is in 'real' life, too.
Now I move on to preparing devotionals for next week's youth camp. I guess I am not "Done" with that yet! Ah, and I need to chooses the songs for Sunday, too! I guess this should be called, "Partly Done!"

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Anonymous said...

I am amazed at how busy you are!!! God is truly using you! We pray for you every night and reading your blog helps us know what and how to pray. We will pray that God will use you on Sunday to encourage those present to be bold for Jesus.