Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mini Mission Summer Special

I spent Monday through Wednesday of this week in Kyoto hanging out with a bunch of kids. It was a blast! There were 16 kids this year, 6 of them were new. On the first day in their workbooks they were asked who first told them about Jesus, and 6 kids answered "Shan!" Pretty amazing privilege I was given.

The first two days I told the Bible story. This year Peter's faith was our theme. The book we used is really for kids who go to church regularly and know quite a bit about the Bible. So, trying to make the stories understandable to kids who have never even heard of Jesus before was a challenge. God is amazingly faithful. The kids seemed to understand the stories and there always seemed to be at least one person who could define an unknown word for the others.

I also taught the kids some songs in English, "Hallelu, Hallelujah" and "I have the Joy" We had lots of fun singing in English and they were beginning to catch on!

Pastor Aoki also did some magic for the kids!

My friend kindly allowed me to stay at her house. They often host foreign visitors in their home and can speak English-however, we always speak Japanese while I am there! The weekend before I arrived they had a gal from Latvia staying with them. Her parents are Russian but moved to Latvia so she speaks Russian, Latvian, English and a little French. I am always amazed with people who speak more than one language, but especially more than two! I forget that I speak two languages:)

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