Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Japanese Gospel Choir/Osaka

I joined a Gospel Choir in April. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but am really enjoying it! The leader is a Christian so he actually understands what Gospel is about. Most of the songs we sing in English which is helpful to me! We do sing a few songs in Japanese. Our director has written some songs but we haven't sung them yet. In the fall we are going to have a concert which should be interesting!

So, Gospel choir was on Friday. Then on Saturday I met a missionary friend in Osaka and we walked all over the place. We went to the Sky Building first to see a nice view of Osaka-which would have been better if there was not so much smog here. After lunch we went to the Osaka Museum of Living. Then we walked the longest shopping street on the way to the Osaka Museum of History. Although neither of the museums had any English to speak of, they were very interesting. We got lots of history and walking which we topped off with burgers from Outback Steakhouse!

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schmann said...

Hi, Shan! I love that you are blogging. You are definitely "lapping me" on the frequency--I need to get in here more. I love this--being able to hear what is going on for you. Welcome to blogger!