Sunday, May 27, 2007

Concert and yellow sand

Today I went to a community band concert. It was really good! It was the Sakai city band which is the city next to my city and the city where we want to plant a church. They did the typical concert of classical music followed by an intermission which included a stage re-set and a clothing change. Then the second half was pop and jazz music. Of course, at the end the expected rhythmic clapping happened followed by the planned encore of two songs. The final song was Stars and Stripes Forever, one of my favorite marches.

This is a group that is open to anyone so I could join it. The only thing that is keeping me thinking is that they practice on Sunday afternoons-for four hours! It looks like a fun group so I will think about it for a while.

On a side note, the past two days the air has been filled with the lovely yellow sand blowing in from China. It makes for uncomfotable eyes with contacts in and I feel like my throat is sand paper. I cannot drink enough to make the feelilng go away. The last time we had this problem they were talking about it on the news and were placing part of the blame on the Japanese people for buying cashmere sweaters. There are large deserts in China now because of the sheep raising for wool for sweaters which Japanese people love. The sand from these deserts is blowing all the way over here causing problems here, too.

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