Monday, May 7, 2007

Golden Week

Here in Japan we have a week of holidays the first week of May, well, not the whole week, but several days in a row. So, my friend and I spent some time learning about Osaka city and Izumi city. We took a boat ride on the rivers of Osaka in a boat in which the roof opened and closed so that we could get better views and get under the low bridges.

The next day we found out that there were people living right here in my city at about the same time Jesus was on the earth! In Japan it was called the Yayoi era and the people lived in pit dwellings with thatched roofs. They have rebuilt a replica of several dwellings and a shrine. In front of the shrine is a large well that was used for purification before the people entered to worship. It was pretty amazing to see tools that may have been like what Jesus may have used. Even though we had to read every thing in Japanese it was still incredibly interesting, and we even learned a some new words.

So, Golden Week turned out to be a week of learning and discovery for me. A good start to a new month!

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