Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sabbath Adventures

Last Monday for my Sabbath I went on a little adventure back to the beach I had visited in May when I last posted.  (If anyone has figured out how to stop time, let me know.  Lots of life has happened since my last post, but trying to catch up is overwhelming, so I am just going to plod on from here.)

So, I went to the beach again.  But, before going to the beach I thought I should try to find something new in the area.  The night before I left I studied my online map of the area looking for parks or other beaches or landmarks or anything that might be interesting.

I found...

A little cove where I could climb on the rocks, sit in the sun, watch the fishing boats go by
 And, not pictured, the kind lady at the hotel who allowed me to park my car for a while as I went exploring through the neighborhood.

The rocks went right out into the water- or the water came right up over the rocks...

Beautiful views from...

The lighthouse!  (I had taken a picture of the whole thing from below, but that pic has disappeared!)

A little cafe on the hill looking down over the bay
 The interior of the cafe was all train themed with signs from old train cars and stations and a model train running around the perimeter of the cafe.  The lady working there told me about the birds soaring around the hills, the quiet life on this little hill, and told me to park my car in their parking lot next time I wanted to come exploring the hills!

The sun was sparkling on the water so beautifully!
There were so many fishing boats out on the water, even people fishing right from the shore.  I am not sure what kind of fish they were catching, but it was obviously a good day for it because I have never seen that many boats and people fishing when I have been to this beach before.

On my last trip to the beach- between May and now!- I found this lovely tea shop in a mall.
Last time I went to the beach I stopped at this mall because I heard they had a nice Starbucks with a terrace.  There is a nice Starbucks, but the terrace is in the food court.  However, as I walked around before going into Starbucks, I found this tea shop with the walls lined with bookshelves.  As much as I love SB, I could not resist this shop!  It was a lovely place to read and reflect.

What adventures does my next Sabbath hold?!


Julianne Van't land said...

Have you ever thought about making a job for yourself where you organize retreat days for other people? You take the best sabbaths and have the most wonderful adventures! I wish I could join you sometime!

Shan in Japan said...

Most of these days are completely unplanned and I have no idea what is around each corner.
I'd love to have a Sabbath adventure with you sometime!