Monday, April 30, 2012

A Month of Bible, April 30

Well, the month of April has come to an end.  As it closes, I felt it would be good to have one more post.  Today I want to share what I have learned from Yuri recently.  She began a message series on Ruth this month.  I am already learning so much, and she is only through verse 7 of chapter 1!

Yesterday Yuri reminded us who the Moabites were-the offspring of Lot-and their constant attempts to draw the Israelites away from God.  Why would an Israelite choose to go to Moab in time of trouble?!

At the beginning of Ruth, Israel is having a famine.  Ironically, Elimelech and his family were from Bethlehem which means house of bread.  In the Old Testament when we read about famine it is often connected to God's displeasure with the spiritual condition of His people.

So, here is a man who decides that since there is a famine he is going to go to Moab where there is food.  Yuri challenged us to think about our own lives.  When there is a famine in my spiritual life, do I run to Moab or do I trust the Lord to get me through?  Do I take the opportunity to repent or do I run away from God?

Yuri quote:
Elimelech's problem wasn't that he didn't have food, but that his heart and his desire were not for God but for food.

What is my desire?

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