Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Month of Bible

On Saturday a friend and I were talking as we traveled into Osaka for a gospel gathering. She asked me what my next topic would be for my blog. I hadn't really thought about what the topic should be, but I did want to find something. She said, "A month of b..." I missed the last word she said because the light turned green and cars muffled her words. I thought she had said, "Bible."

What a great idea! I feel like I have been floundering around in my Bible reading lately, jumping from one place to another. This may not keep me from floundering, but perhaps it will keep me a bit more focused.

On Sunday morning I read the story of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem from the gospel of Luke, chapter 19. The verse that stuck in my heart was verse 40: "I tell you, " He replied, "if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out."

This lead me to pray that my silence will never be the reason for the rocks to cry out. I do not want to lose my praise!

Yuri chose to focus on this verse during her message-hmm, perhaps God wanted me to pay attention to this verse?! She challenged us to check our hearts for the things that are blocking our praise, such as pride, fear, busyness, etc.

She closed the service with inviting us to literally throw down our cloaks. It was a very meaningful time for me, and I think for others, too.

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