Saturday, May 12, 2012


A few years ago I wrote a post about my mom.  This week I reviewed it since I am speaking at CrossRoad on Mother's Day.  As I prepared my message on 2 Timothy 1:3-7, here are some thoughts that crossed my mind to add to what I had already written.  Since it is Mother's Day, I am talking about my mom, however, this also applies to my dad!

I learned about God from my mother's sincere faith (and she learned from her mom!)  I learned by watching her.  I watched her interact with people in a sincere way.  I watched her love her family and friends through her actions and words.  I watched her love God through her Bible reading and worship at church.

I didn't just learn through watching, though.  She also taught my sister and me directly.  Every night after supper, we read the Bible and prayed as a family.  When we misbehaved, she taught us how to apologize.  When we went to church, she taught us how to worship and learn and asked us about what we thought.

I am thankful for parents who believed it was important for me to know Jesus.  Not just know about Jesus, but to really know Jesus.

Thank you, Mom!
Thank you, Dad!
Thank you, God!

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Anonymous said...

OK, your mom is not a technical person. I wrote once and even got the words correct. It went some where. It said something like God wants us to be his "daughter" and why, to have a more abundant life and live it to the full. How can we know what to do? I think spending time with him, listening to him, and praising him will help us know how to love him and others.I always try to think about how would Jesus treat others. love, mom