Monday, May 14, 2012

It's not about me

Some of the amazing women in my life
In my previous blog post I talked about my mom and how much I learned from her.  I enjoy having a day set aside to celebrate my mom.  I hope I take time to celebrate her more than twice a year-on her birthday and on Mother's Day!

I have read a lot from various blogs and Facebook status updates over the past couple of days to realize that not everyone likes Mother's Day.  I knew this before.  I have seen it on faces and heard it in voices before.  I haven't thought about it very deeply before.

For me, personally, this Mother's Day, I have realized that it is not about me.  This is a day to celebrate my mom, my grandmas, my aunts, my 'adopted' moms, the women who have spoken truth into my life.  I am not a mom.  I am pretty sure I will not ever be a biological mom.  I have gone through a lot of struggles getting to the point of being able to say that with contentment-most days.  But, as I celebrate Mother's Day, I do not lament the fact that I am not a mom.  I celebrate these wonderful women in my life.

My friend, Stacy, introduced me to an incredible blogpost from a woman in a similar life situation to mine.  She is a single missionary.  I really appreciated what she had to say, the way that she encouraged the readers to think about what we say to others before we say it.

Then, Stacy wrote a blogpost about losing her mother, about being a mother and about sharing joy and pain in our faith community.

Both of these women helped me understand, in a deeper way, the joys and pains of celebrating.  As a fellowship of believers, we should be there to stand with our sisters when they rejoice and to weep with our sisters when they grieve.  We shouldn't hide either our joy or our grief because we are afraid to hurt others or be hurt by others.

It hurts my heart to think that there are women who don't want to attend church on a day that celebrates mothers.  They have a pain that is deep.  Maybe I don't understand it fully, but as their sister in Christ, I want to share the pain with them, to help carry the burden.  And, I believe Jesus calls us to do just that.

Mother's Day is not about me.  It is about me celebrating with and grieving with my sisters in Christ, as He has called us to do, not just once a year, but every day.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Shan, I goofed again and was not there for you to go through this with you. My heart is with you and thank you for being our daughter!

Lori said...

Ah, Shan, dear you are spot-on~Weep with those who weep, Rejoice with those who rejoice. And while you may not have biological children think of all the spiritual "children" you raise in your service to Him. God has placed a special calling on your life and I celebrate that with you.
Keep up the God work.