Friday, November 14, 2008

What it's all about

Today I got the question every believer wants to hear, "Can you explain the plan of salvation to me?"!! After our Gospel choir rehearsal one of the ladies asked me this question. A song we sang at our concert last month included those words, 'plan of salvation.' She had been thinking about it for a long time, I guess, but we hadn't had a chance to talk for a long time. (She is the same lady who, after last spring's concert, read the Gospel for the first time because she realized she should find out what it is we are singing about.)

So, when she asked me after choir and I gave her a look she realized that this is not something that can be explained in one sentence. I asked if she had time and I pulled out my cell phone strap-like those Gospel bands with the different colors to explain the plan of salvation. It was her first time to hear it. There was another gal who is a Christian standing nearby so I felt like if I got stuck with Japanese I could ask her to help explain. Another lady was standing there, too, who has an interest in learning more about God, so the four of us talked for about 40 minutes. Amazing! God helped me know the Japanese words I needed to say and gave new understanding to some precious ladies whose hearts are being softened by the Holy Spirit.

Plus, it was a huge encouragement to me! I have been in one of those moods where you wonder what in the world you are doing here, wasting a bunch of people's money, wasting God's time, wasting your own time for no apparent reason. Then, out of the blue, someone I would not have even thought would ask me about my Jesus, asked me point blank! God is awesome!


Anonymous said...

Amenominakanushi! Our God reigns. Alyssa and Andrew,Dad. and I have been working on that word all day while we paint, write, draw and practice the piano. It was with a smile that I prayed Psalm 18:28 as I read your post.
I love Noriko's Jazz in the Elephant Park. Please tell her thank you so much.
Seeing the ladies helps me pray even more!

McMGrad89 said...

Shan, I praise God for you and I am thankful that you were there for those ladies.

Ellie said...


Joy @ SAH Missionary said...

This is so exciting! I'm sure it's daunting to share in another language (it certainly is for me!) but praise God for the opportunity!
By the way, how tall are you? I just noticed that you are a head taller than everyone else, which is what it's like for me here in Indo. I'm 5'6" and in America I am average, but over here I seem to tower over everyone, even men! :)
Blessings to you.

jpierce said...

Hi Shan,
Love your blog. The pictures make it come alive. So glad you had the chance to share the gospel, keep up the good work.

Jan from One Handful of Rice