Monday, November 24, 2008


It was my turn to share the message on Sunday morning. We are working our way through John and I finished up chapter 4 this week. I focused on the word believe. The kanji (Chinese character) for believe is really cool and has an interesting history, according to Mr. Suzuki, one of the former teachers at the Karuizawa Language School.

The kanji looks like this:

The character is made up of two parts. The left side means person and the right side means word. However, the character for word also has two parts. The top part is heart and the bottom is mouth. Mr. Suzuki said that the whole character, therefore, came to mean the agreement of a person's deeds and words which come from the heart. (I think Jesus said something about what comes out of one's mouth comes from the heart-see Matthew 15:18).

This character is also one of the two characters in the Japanese word 'faith.' The other character means to look upward at something or someone, to look up to someone or to God, to respect, and to adore.
Just a little Japanese lesson for you today!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a lesson. The kanji looks like a house complete with a roof so I am thankful this Thanksgiving season for our home(grandparents down) that is built on the belief in Jesus Christ as our Savior! May my mouth remember that out of it comes what is really in my heart and may no one"hear" anything otherwise.
Prayers for you as you use your mouth to tell of God's love for you and everyone in His world. John 11:25 love mom