Thursday, November 13, 2008

Persimmon and Nashi

Another great thing about fall in Japan is the fruit. I come from small town South Dakota where plums and blackberries are exotic fruits. We buy huge bags of oranges and apples and big bunches of bananas, those are our staple fruits, add watermelon in the summer. So, when I moved to Japan I found a whole new world of fruit!

One of my very favorite Japanese fruits is the nashi, also known as Asian pears. This fruit is shaped liked an apple, usually a light brown almost tan color, and tastes wonderful. I was so excited when my family was able to be here during nashi season so they could taste this wonderful fruit.

The other autumn fruit I have come to love in Japan is persimmons. I had heard of persimmons before moving to Japan but would never have known what one looked like until I got here. (Before my dad knew what they were, he asked about the orange square tomatoes at the grocery store!) I also got to introduce my family to the joy of this fruit while they were here.


Lori said...

I love Japanese fruit too! YMMM! How do you prepare your persimmon? raw, cooked, or fried - seasoned or no? In Japanese is it called 'kaki'?
I'm actually eating a mikan while I reading your blog - typing and trying not to get the juice on the keyboard!

Anonymous said...

They were so-o-o-o good. Raw is the best way to taste the juicy or crunchy fruit.