Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vote for me!

Okay, you have seen my picture with the leaves. The real reason I took the picture was for a contest on Coffeegirl Confessions' blog. So, go to the blog link on the left side of my blog. Click on Coffeegirl Confessions. Then check out the cool entries from around the globe. There are others that were better than mine, I think. You don't have to tell me who you vote for...:) But, if I win they will send me baking supplies to use for the holidays!!!! Check it out! And, while you are there check out a few of the blogs listed there and find out what God is doing around the world.


Ellie said...

I loved your picture and was tempted to go kick leaves for you... but... I didn't vote for you, sorry. I have four kids myself, and... I voted for a mom because I know how it feels to be a mom and have so little "home" to share with your kids during a holiday.

Now that I think about it... it is probably also pretty bad to be on your own with so little "home" to share, too... but, I'm still a mom, and the look of any little kid looking for a treat pulls too many heartstrings. Sorry.

Love your leaves, though, and would love to kick some around, but we got dumped with snow! Way too early! Kids are out with sleds and snowsuits already. Hmpfh! It ought to have waited until AFTER Thanksgiving!

Lori said...

You got my vote! I love the sound of leaves crunching!

Anonymous said...

Just the fun of going there was worth it. People should vote for you. You should have taken a picture of that squash you made for church. I've been looking at COL and many other places and it's time to heat the left over soup up.
Pray for Lynn's husband who is having the same surgery as your dad did. We're delivering 121 shoeboxes after the surgery.

Becky Laswell said...

I voted for you, Shan! Mainly because I did the almost same thing recently. We don't get much of autumn here in Austin (at least not leaves turning colors), so we drove a few hours to a state park that actually has maple trees. We took pictures of the leaves - which could have passed for the midwest if it weren't for all the people wearing shorts. :)

By the way, could you send me your mailing address? There's something I'd love to send you (if it's OK to do that!).