Sunday, September 9, 2007


August was crazy busy. September is not looking much slower. And, I have begun to add even more to my plate for October. What am I thinking?

But, gradually, I am being reminded of rest, Sabbath and God's reason for all of this.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a few books from CBD. Since there is no more sea mail from the U.S. they got here quite quickly. The book I started reading first is "The Rest of God: Restoring Your Soul by Restoring Sabbath" by Mark Buchanan. I read one of his books a few years ago, twice, "Your God is Too Safe." He has a way of taking what you know and reminding you of it and how to live in these truths.

There is so much I'd like to quote but there are probably copyright laws about that sort of thing! Plus, I don't have time to type up the whole book, I'd like to rest sometime!

One thing that really grabbed my attention was his talk about being too busy! I think I wrote something like that in a blog last month! He talked of a man from his church who was so busy that, finally, he just had to stop because of his health. The man said that he knew God was trying to get his attention, he just wished he could figure out what He wants it for. Mark thinks, maybe just that, attention! And then says:
"This is the essence of a Sabbath heart: paying attention. It is being fully present, wholly awake, in each moment."

Then he talks about seeing God's bigness. Somehow he gets to sleep-a great topic! He says that the Jewish Sabbath begins at sundown-in other words, with sleep! Sleep, he says, is an act of faith. How vulnerable we are when we sleep! "We sleep simply because we believe God will look after us." Do you?

"Either God is good and in control, or it all depends on you."
I think I am going to try to live in the first half of that statement! I saw "Bruce Almighty" and I don't want that!

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