Monday, June 4, 2007

Ten Years and Counting

Yesterday I went to Tsu for the Joy Chapel 10th birthday party. (Going to Tsu takes about two and a half hours by train.) Joy Chapel is a bilingual worship service that was started in 1997, obviously. I was a short term missionary at that time, now known as a defined term missionary (DTM). We had lots of fun planning these services and trying to tell the Bible story in as many creative ways as possible so that some might understand what God was saying through His word. The pastor or one of the deacons of the Tsu church always shared a message in Japanese and we did just about everything else in English.
At the birthday party yesterday a couple shared their testimonies. She became a Christian as a teenager and has been a regular Joy Chapel attender since the beginning. She met her husband at work and asked him repeatedly to come to church with her. He finally relented when she invited him to Joy Chapel-it was in the evening and all of the other activities he was usually involved in happened in the mornings or afternoons. Actually, he came almost from the beginning in 1997. In 2001, he finally decided it was time to answer the door of his heart and let Jesus come in. They were married in October. Now they are expecting their second child and are doing their best to raise their children in a Christian environment, living their faith together as a family.
Also at the party we had balloons, cake, pizza, and prizes. Above is a picture of two of the little girls helping draw numbers for the prizes.

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