Saturday, June 9, 2007


This week we had our annual missionary summer conference, four days of fun, business, study, and fellowship. This year we met in an area known for its pottery. Our speaker is a missionary who studied art and shared with us about the Potter and the clay weaving in how to make pottery. Then one afternoon we went to a shop and made our own pottery. It was lots of fun! We got to use the wheel or make something all by hand. I wanted to make square plates so I rolled them out like I was making pizza. They let me make a cup on the wheel with the left over clay-we had enough clay to make two things. We also visited a vinegar museum and a Coca-Cola bottling company.

There were sweet times of fellowship and prayer. And, of course, we ate a lot! We saw old slides of the current missionaries during their first years here in Japan. Lots of fun and laughs! The final night was the power point seminar, everyone with laptops out learning how to make slides, instead of going to develop them! Another entertaining night!:) We were successful, though, in learning a few new tricks which will be useful!

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lalachan said...

Yeah!! I'm so excited that you did some pottery! Awesome photo!