Friday, June 1, 2007

Inconvenient Convenience

Next week is our missionary summer retreat. I am part of the planning committee and one of my jobs is to make muffins for breakfast one morning. So, earlier this week I decided to make the muffins and freeze them, one less thing to do on Monday before leaving. I made one batch in the afternoon and then around dinner time made the second batch.
I was feeling very proud of myself for making dinner-actually cooking-and making muffins, all to be ready about the same time. Can anyone say "Pride comes before a fall!"?
I have a wonderful oven, a gas oven I got when I moved to Kyoto. I usually turn the gas valve on before using it and off after I finish. Since I had already used my oven that day the gas was already turned on. Oh, one more thing, the oven also has a microwave feature.
So, about halfway through the 18 minute baking time I was thinking that I hadn't heard the gas kick in but I knew it was turned on. I listened for a few seconds to see if I could hear it and noticed that the oven door was covered with condensation. I had never seen that happen before. Finally, I noticed that I had pushed the microwave button instead of the oven button when starting up!
I ended up with muffins as hard as rocks and had to make yet another batch!
Sometimes modern conveniences turn out to be inconvenient-due to user errors!

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