Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thoughts and Clouds

Sitting in silence in the early morning.  As I watch the sky and try to follow my thoughts, trying to be silent and wait, I see that my thoughts are like the wispy clouds that are floating quickly in front of the sun and then dissipating.
There are thicker, slower-moving, barely-moving, clouds behind those clouds, deeper thoughts I want to bring before God, but the wispy clouds keep distracting me.
Every once in a while there is a break in the clouds, both wispy, quick-moving clouds and thicker slow-moving clouds.  In those moments the sun shines brightly, warming my face, assuring me that there will be a break, there will be a time when my soul will find rest in God alone, when I will be able to hear my Savior's voice more clearly again.
Until then I will continue to sit in the silence-sit until there is silence-knowing that the sun is behind those clouds and that it is shining as brightly as ever, helping the clouds to dissipate.

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