Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Mystery of Music

On Tuesday at Komyo Christian Church the guest at our Ladies' Lunch was my friend, Coco.  She is a musician, mother, wife, Christian, and recovering from an illness.  Music has played an important role in her recovery and I wanted others to have an opportunity to hear about it.  She was willing to share when I asked her!

(Coco shared about the day in Japanese here: )

I have been blessed by Coco's friendship and honesty, her love for God and her joy in Jesus.

I am thankful for the women who were able to attend.  I think we were all touched by Coco's sharing and singing.  I know tears came to my eyes several times, especially when she sang the song, "Nobody Knows."  I was actually surprised by the music.  For some reason I had expected something softer and light.  But, the music fit perfectly with the words and feelings behind them.  The song is in Japanese except for these words in English: "Nobody knows, Nobody never knows but Jesus."  Truth!

Here are a couple of pictures from the day:

Flat Stanley got to come, too!

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