Friday, August 31, 2012

First Time

In August, our church, Komyo Christian Church, held our first baptism!  As we have been at this church planting thing for several years, this was huge excitement for us!  (Adding to that excitement, we will have another one in October!)

About 2 years ago H started coming to English Bible study and last fall when we started the bilingual worship service, she stared coming to that regularly, too.  She works Sundays so can't attend our afternoon service.

It was so exciting to hear her say that she believed in Jesus and wanted to be baptized!  Since her birthday is in August and it fell on a Sunday this year, she really wanted that to be her baptism day.  She also really wanted to be baptized in a river-like Jesus was.

So, we spent some time looking around the area at various rivers and finally found one deep enough!  She and Yuri and I went to check it out in July.  The river is on "Crying Dog Mountain" and we were entertained by the dog that came to beg for food from our lunches and even barked at us!

It was so encouraging that the people who come to the afternoon service wanted to join us for the baptism even though they had never met H!  They were so excited to see someone join the body of Christ.

The day was beautiful.  Although the riverbank was full of people, the spot we wanted to use which was just at the deepest point, was open.  There was enough space for us all to sit as we worshipped together and witnessed H's obedience to God through baptism.  Just as we were getting ready to leave a light rain started to fall.

God is good!  He is at work.  He continues to draw people to Himself.

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Carrie said...

Wow! What a beautiful event!