Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jesus and Me Getaway

This August has been one of those times when none of my plans worked out.  God had other plans for my time off!

Monday, late morning, I left with my little suitcase, a cooler and my beach bag.  I arrived at a little beach in Wakayama and set up my little, borrowed tent.  I had practiced the night before in my living rooms hoping I wouldn't look like a total klutz as I set it up on the beach.  I was glad I had!  It was windy on the beach and if I hadn't known what I was doing, the thing would be stuck on the shore of Awaji Island right now!

I enjoyed some water and sandcastle time before settling into the tent (open on two sides) for some reading and journaling, thinking and praying.  It was one of the best afternoons I have had for a long time.

I got in a little more swim time before I packed up and headed about 5 more minutes down the road to my evening stop.  I stayed in a lovely little hotel at the marina in Wakayama.  When I got out of the shower after washing off the sand and such from the day, I looked out the window and saw a beautiful sunset.

As I stood at my window gawking, I noticed just below next to the pool there seemed to be an outdoor BBQ, so I put on my shoes and headed down for dinner.  It was delicious!

Just when I came back to my table with my watermelon, the dad of the family a couple of tables over came with his daughter hiding behind him to ask if I wanted to join their family for a little chat time.  So, I picked up my stuff and moved over to talk with a lovely family from Hyogo.  We had fun chatting and the girls warmed up to me, even giving me good night hugs!

I was tired so went to sleep early, which meant I woke up early, too.  So, I went out for a walk!  It was a lovely morning.

Day 2 was spent by the pool, reading, swimming, people watching, chatting with my new friends for a few minutes before they left, and getting a little sunburned-I forgot to reapply after getting out of the pool!

That evening, I went back out to the pier to watch the sunset-after enjoying some lovely gelato!  I took a ton of pictures because I have a hard time not taking pictures of God's beauty.

Day 3 was to be shopping at the outlet mall on the way home, which I did.  But, I had the added bonus of waking up to an amazing rainbow that grew to be a full rainbow right outside my window!

I loved my time away and may write about what Jesus and I talked about, maybe ;)

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Carrie said...

Looks like a wonderful time!